Guilty as charged

Project Golf. It started with good intentions and a dream of building a Sprint and Hillclimb car that was a replica of James Shead’s Class winning 1988 BTCC Golf GTI. Having been let down on a few occasions and after 18 months I’d just had enough. The dream had become a nightmare and it was … More Guilty as charged

Spa Treatment

Up until now the posts on this blog have been around trackdays and competing in the MX5. The thing with these cars is they’re actually a surprisingly good all rounder despite their diminutive size and age. So in this post I shall waffle on about September 2013 when myself and MrsHorney set off on an adventure to … More Spa Treatment

Going Solo.

Back in 2009 and 2010 I had already had the itch to get into some competition after a few years of Trackdays. Someone famously said the easiest way to make small fortune from motor racing was to start with a large one. The only fortune I had was of the out of date cookie variety. … More Going Solo.