Trackday Report – Abingdon Airfield April 2016

Winter had finally made way for spring and it was time to dust off the car and take it out for trackday. It hadn’t been used in anger for some 6 months so it was a good opportunity to either test it or break it ahead of a Sprint event 2 days later. The poor old thing hasn’t faired well over the cold wet months and the dreaded tin worm has attacked the sills, that’s for another day and blog post though.

Pope for the trackday was simple. A fluid change and fix a couple of niggles. Mainly the leaking PAS cooler pipework and the lack of bucket seat for passengers. This was all completed with the help of the boys at Skuzzle Motorsport.

Hard on the brakes

The day went well with only two issues coming to light. Firstly the car seems to overheat after 6 or 7 laps. I thought I had cured this with some ducting to the oil cooler but after a particularly heavy session the water temp gauge was in the hot zone. This requires further investigation but it’s a bugger to test as you just can’t drive it hard enough on the road for the problem to become apparent.

Getting on the power

The second issue is with the brakes. It seems the Wilwoods have heat issues as well. As you build heat in the rotors they seem to warp slightly which gives a some nasty vibration through the peddle. Sam who also attended the trackday with his turbo’d MK1 mentioned he had the same problem with his. We found you can eventually drive through it. It’s been suggested to me that this is because of uneven heat int he discs for a period and eventually that heat evens out and the disc got back to running true. Apparently moving to the separate bell and rotor set up avoids this problem. Something to think about.

The little cone chicanes were great fun

Other than that a successful day. I had a lot of fun, even when the rain came at the end of the day. I did get black flagged early on in the day, but we won’t talk about that. 😉

Here’s a video of the best bits:




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