Brands Spanking

I’ve been very remiss at posting on my blog. I apologise. To make up for it this one has a video!

In early February I booked a Trackday at Brands Hatch for myself and the lads at Skuzzle Motorsport. The original plan was to take my supercharged car and have some fun with that but sadly it wasn’t in a fit state as the day loomed so it was decided to run Nick’s MK1 racer instead. This had two useful outcomes. Firstly it made an excellent test day to check the car over for the season ahead where Nick is renting out to a friend of ours and secondly so I could drive a Max5 spec car on a circuit I may well be racing later in the year.


Much is said about people turning up at The Ring and thinking they can ace it from having played Gran Tourismo or Forza Motorsport to learn the circuit. I often wondered if gaming could help and this trackday answered that question. I have done over 50 laps of the Brands Indy layout through playing a couple of games Like GRID Autosport and Project Cars, yet I had never before this day driven the circuit myself. While it’s no Ring in it’s complexity I was immediately at home with my surroundings and immediately able to pick my lines. Of course real life is still very different from gaming but it really does help learn a circuit.


The day was great fun and Nick egged me on to push the car to the limits and, as you’ll see in the video at the end, a little beyond them. I left the day feeling on great high and on reviewing the video my times were only a few seconds off the hot laps in last years Max5 race at the circuit. Not too shabby considering I was loaded up with more fuel and a passenger. Next up it’s time to tackle it for real, rounds 1 and 2 of the Max5 Championship at Oulton Park on March 19th. I’m equal arts excited and terrified. It’s going to be a very different prospect dealing with a grid of 34 MX5s in a sprint race compared to the single mixed class endurance race I have done before. Enjoy the video!


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