Autosport 2016 – Turbo PHIL-osophy with CarThrottle

Alex from Car Throttle has an MX5 called Phil and Phil is a project car featured on their site and channels. What better way to continue that project than to do a live turbo conversion on their stand at Autosport International 2016. That’s not insane at all is it?

Marc getting to grip with Phil the MX5 while Alex looks on.

Now where do I fit in? Well the Car Throttle guys had already badgered my good friends Nick  and Marc at Skuzzle Motorsport to fix Phil’s rust back in 2015, when they suggested the mad scheme of boosting the car at the show and Skuzzle to do it I agreed to come along and help out. Not because I’m any good at turbo conversions you understand, but because I can wield a camera and fetch bottled drinks and food on request. Oh yeah and be a taxi.


If you don’t know what Autosport is it’s the UK’s biggest motorsport trade show and incorporates the Performance Car show. It’s three days of race cars, engineering and performance motors all packed into the NEC in Birmingham. You get F1 cars, rally cars, the teams, suppliers to the teams and big names from the automotive world all under one roof. There’s also plenty of stands selling racing memorabilia, model cars, tools, race equipment and of course stuff to shine your shoes with. Why does every show have a stand selling shoe shine? If you’re into your motorsport (or indeed a good shine on a shoe) it’s well worth a visit.

Did you see where that clip went?

The turbo conversion on Phil was carried out over the Saturday and Sunday of the show on the stand in full view of all the eager attendees. People were keen to understand what was going on and what we expected the results to be. Some also accused us of being mad and that clearly the lowly MX5 chassis couldn’t take turbo power, they were soon put right. They also signed Phil’s bonnet at Alex’s insistance and plenty of people loitered around hoping to get a selfie with a Youtube celeb.

This sucks.

I’m not going to go into any detail on the 2 days as I wouldn’t want to steal Car Throttle’s thunder. All I will say is that the build was a success and the video should not only be informative but also packed with innuendo and typical tomfoolery. We had a blast and I’m hugely grateful for the guys letting me tag along.

It’s OK, some one did point out he’s holding it upside down before it went in wrong.

Of course I couldn’t go to something like this without opening my wallet and it was the perfect opportunity to pickup some bits for this season. I joined the queues at the Demon Tweeks stand and bagged myself a new set of 6 point TRS Harnesses for the Sprint Car and a new OMP nomex balaclava to replace the one I lost last season at the Race of Remembrance. Talking of the Race of Remembrance, Mission Motorsport were exhibiting at the show and myself and the Skuzzle boys popped over to see them and get our names down for two car slots for the 2016 event. More on that in the coming months!

It all came together in the end.

It was another great year at the show and this year included a night out for the Max5 Racing awards dinner where Skuzzle picked up some more trophies for his now bulging collection. Good friends, awesome cars and tired feet.

Next up for us? A trackday at Brands Hatch on 6th Feb. None of the cars are ready and it’s only a couple of weeks away. Situation normal!


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