Drive it like you stole it.

After the last post on recent events at the Race of Remembrance it’s time to get back on track on how this car progressed from day one of ownership. My last post on this subject here was around getting it supercharged by Nick at Skuzzle Motorsport. Back to April 2014, it was time to take the car out and do some competition in the form of an AutoSolo to see how the charger was improving performance.


It seemed only fair as a fellow Farnborough District Motor Club member and the man who helped to charge the thing that Nick should double drive the car with me.

It was a typical British spring day, wet and bloody cold. The course layouts looked good and the car was running well. I fancied my chances at some silverware for the first time ever. Surely now with more power I should wipe the floor with the the other MX5s?

Also available in green.

Did I? Did I heck. I managed 13th overall, 5th in class and 3rd fastest in an mx5. Nick the total git came 9th overall, 4th in class and 2nd fastest in an mx5. He beat me by 10 seconds overall and even got a bloody 4th place trophy! It’s one thing being beaten by other people and their cars. It’s quite another being beaten by someone else in your own car. We’re still friends, but it was touch and go for a while.

My car, Not me. Git.

Despite my crushing defeat I was hugely inspired with how the car performed and Nick commented that it was about the best set up MX5 he’d ever used in an AutoSolo. Some small consolation.

Here’s a couple of vids:

The view is rubbish because I didn’t have all the bits for my GoPro mount. Fast forward to 3:40 for Skuzzle singing and taking the piss out of me (as usual!).

Now there’s a good reason for the title of this blog post. I did tell Nick to treat my car like his own. He did. It broke. Not that day, but a few weeks later I started to get some bad clutch problems. I bit the bullet and decided if I was replacing it I’d go the whole hog, I ordered a Competition Clutch Ultralight Flywheel and 6 puck ceramic paddle clutch bundle. On strip down at Nick’s it became apparent that he had in fact broken my clutch by clutch kicking it. One of the springs had parted company and was jamming the whole thing up, the friction surfaces were actually in pretty good condition.

Clutch kicking is bad.

Hey ho, it now drove even more like a race car with a heavy clutch you can’t slip. It also now meant you could dump the clutch at any RPM and it would just bite and bite hard. It became very easy to lock the rears if you did’t rev match coming down through the box. It made it much harder to drive on the street, my smile increased in girth.

Next up was more trackday action and a chance to really stretch the legs of the supercharger.


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