Care in the community

One of the best things about MX5 ownership is the social aspect of the very active owners club scene. It’s a very diverse crowd on MX5land with those like me who focus on track applications to those who like to keep the car as original as possible. You’ve then also got your “stance” brigade and because they’re cheap and rear wheel drive you have the drifters. The great thing is they all, mostly, get along.

Monthly MX5Nutz meet, Pinewood Cafe in Berkshire.

It’s not just physical meets where this happens, there’s a huge resource out on the web for all your MX5 needs and discussions. To name but a few there is:

MX5Nutz Forums

The MX5 Owners Club

Club Roadster

PistonHeads MX5 Forum

There’s also numerous Facebook groups where you can get involved (often in an argument). Joking aside the only other scene I have come across with such diverse owners and directions in which they take their cars is the classic Mini scene. It’s heart warming to see fellow owners not only offer suggestions of help but actually ship parts around the world to bail out a struggling 5 owner. Of course there will be disagreements. Which is best MK1 or MK2? Stance kills kittens, discuss. Drifters are ruining it for everyone aren’t they? etc. But these are the exception not the norm and a little healthy discussion is never a bad thing.

Ace Cafe, London.

Some of the best days out I’ve ever had have been with car clubs so I urge anyone who hasn’t tried their local meet to give it a go. Meeting people off the internet used to be considered weird but I’ve met most of my best friends and even my wife from going to these kinds of meets.

Blackbushe Cafe, Berkshire

This social aspect also extends to the bigger national events. Japfest is an excellent case in point. This is a show for the whole Japanese car scene but in recent years the MX5 has dominated the club stand area with sheer volume and variety of cars. Probably the only other car to rival it is the Subaru Impreza, they also get a huge turnout.

MX5Nutz Clubstand @ Japfest 2015, Castle Combe in Wiltshire

Static meets at Cafes and Shows are great, we’ve established that. Another event many local clubs runs is a drive out. Pretty simple and self explanatory. Meet up, drive somewhere, do something, drive someone where else. An opportunity to flex the MX5 muscles and enjoy them for what they are built for.

A night time drive out is always fun with friends. Thanks to Garage496 for the pic.

Magnus Walker of internet and Porsche 911 fame is often tagging his post with #GetOutAndDrive, MX5 owners should do the same. Don’t be scared to meet strangers off the internet, we’re only strangers because we’re not friends yet.


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