Trackdays 3 and 4: It’s all Good(wood)

2013 saw two trips to the legendary Goodwood circuit. If you’ve never been then make the effort if you can, it’s a place steeped in history and drama. Lord March has done a terrific job of keeping the circuits period look and feel, it’s also an absolute blast to drive round. Like Castle Combe however, it’s not for the feint hearted. There’s little to no run off and what run off there is purely grass. You also have the delight of a live airfield in the infield. You get in a lot of trouble if you end up all the way in there after dropping it on a corner.

I dunno, look casual.

The first of my trips to Goodwood was for the inaugural Players Classic show. The Players boys had been running a static show up at North Weld airfield for a few years and it had become one of the must attend event of the show season. For 2013 they wanted to add something a bit special to the calendar and this was it. Show cars in the paddock and track cars out on track. A heady mix of form in the show area and function on the black stuff. We were also treated to Speedhunters coming along and bringing with them Mad Mike and Fredric Aasbo to do some drifting demos in an RX7 and GT86.

Lean on me and I’ll be your friend.

For me the day was all about being able to do some hot laps of one of the worlds most historic racing circuit. Just for the occasion I slapped some white roundels on the doors and bonnet to bring a more retro flare to the car so it might better fit in with it’s surroundings.

The place lived up to it’s reputation and after initially feeling pretty intimidated I’d found my rhythm and really started to enjoy myself. It was a treat and novelty to actually have a crowd at a trackday as well, 100s of people who came for the main show lined the track to watch us do our thing. Here’s some footage:

The second trip to Goodwood in 2013 was for some fun and for a worthy cause. A trackday raising money and awareness for Mission Motorsport, the forces motorsport charity. You can find out more about Mission Motorsport on our page here. The format of the day was simply to have sessions round the track and take out passengers. They could either be people supporting the charity or injured soldiers who’d come along for their first taste of motorsport and what the charity had to offer them.

Hairdressers convention entry queue was impressive.

Mission Motorsport was very much in it’s infancy back in 2013 and Mazda had supported them by selling them a handful of Mk1 MX5’s for £1 each. They have therefore quite a strong tie with the MX5 scene and as seen above a large number of us turned up to support them at the event.


It was a brilliant day and once again I think I found improvements in myself as a driver. Here some video of the day:

As well as more stickers the car had now found itself running on a set of Compomotive ML wheels. In reality they’re too heavy for the car but they looked so damn awesome and really suited the retro racer look I was going for. Wheels is an interesting topic and one for a blog post of their own I feel.


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