Trackday 2: The Quickening.

May 2013 and the annual trip to Castle Combe was upon us once again and you guessed it, the Golf was still in bits. Yet again the MX5 was to be pressed into service. By now I had an MG ZT as daily and the 5 had been retired to fun days out, sunny commutes and car meets. I didn’t feel so bad, or worried, about abusing it for a day on a circuit this time. Also in a change to former years MrsHorney was sharing the driving duties due to my Dad double booking himself and having to attend Chelsea Flower Show instead. What a muppet.

Camp Horney

For me it was another opportunity to learn how hard you can push an MX5 on circuit and to gain more experience of rear wheel drive. Again though (as you’ll see in the video further down) I was the weak point in the set up being still far to timid to really push the car hard on anything but the straight bits. As always though the Mazda shone being reliable and a joy to drive all day.

MrsHorney was probably the biggest surprise of the day. My dear wife is also a petrol head, in fact we met at a car meet when we were both in the classic Mini scene. After much cajoling to actually get her to come along she ended up really enjoying the day and pushed the car much harder than me. This was especially the case after she took the opportunity for some passenger laps in a friends Porsche 911 964 Cup race car. On the next session out in the 5 MrsH decided to try using the same braking and turning points as a slick shod, rear engine race car. I nearly soiled the passenger seat, she just squeaked with excitemnt.


If you’ve been reading these posts in the order they were published the eagle eyed of you will have noted some more visual changes to the car. The bonnet was by now satin black, not because race car but because the original paint was ruined and I had a can of satin black in the shed. I’d also fitted one of the Sparco Sprint 5 bucket seats that I had actually sourced for project Golf. It was sat in the garage doing nothing and it seemed a good idea to quickly throw it in the 5.

The final upgrade you see here over the last post was the fitment of a Cusco 4 point roll bar. As I’d been starting to use the car for more trackdays and AutoSolos as well as letting my nearest and dearest drive it I became acutely aware of it’s inherent lack of roll over protection. The roll bar and the bucket seat were probably the first signs that project Golf was doomed, but at the time I convinced myself it was all just temporary.

Like a boss (well she is the boss).

Below is a video of highlights from the day. Note, the production quality and choice of music is still utter rubbish.

Comparing the videos from this event to the previous year showed that my times had improved and I was getting more from the car which was some small encouragement. At this point dirty thoughts of boost and abandoning the project Golf started to really come to the fore. It’s all very well having a project car but if you never get to use it what’s the point?

Extra Photos

935487_10152837547460322_1841815798_n 942837_10152837547875322_1009973050_n 954869_10152837548000322_1368026069_n


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