The First Trackday.

Fastforward to May 2012 and nothing much has changed. The Golf is still in bits and not going anywhere fast, the MX5 has just had regular maintenance and been abused daily by yours truly. But there’s a worrying appointment on the horizon. Spring means me and Dad’s annual trash round Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire with the Porsche chaps. Houston, we have a problem. The Golf is not finished yet. Enter stage left, the MX5.

Castle Combe, not actually a castle.
Castle Combe, not actually a castle.

Hilarious is the best way of summing up that day. I was still pretty green at driving the MX5 quickly and my Dad hadn’t driven a rear wheel drive car since bellbottoms and Campari were fashionable. We were slow, clumsy and quite scared of going off backwards into the scenery. For those who don’t know Castle Combe it’s often referred to as a circuit to separate the men from the boys. It has little run off before you hit the wall and what runoff there is is slippery grass, no gravel traps here. Something like 80% of UK track accidents happen at Castle Combe, specifically at Quarry Corner.

Rolling chicane
Rolling chicane

What can be said about that day is the car handled everything we threw at it.  It never let us down, it kept it’s cool and dribble all over the circuit. Happy days. I had recently purchased a GoPro and Flip camera and this presented me with an opportunity to actually produce some footage of a trackday. I tried to make it interesting by switching angles and some off the track stuff. It’s pretty rubbish but we all have to start somewhere.

A brilliant day and made me realise the little Mazda was more capable than me or my Dad. Still, the Golf was moving along at snails pace and I needed to focus on that, not mess with the daily. Right?

Extra Pics

526261_10151760053685322_917569958_n 542433_10151760052575322_288167417_n


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