Spa Treatment

Up until now the posts on this blog have been around trackdays and competing in the MX5. The thing with these cars is they’re actually a surprisingly good all rounder despite their diminutive size and age. So in this post I shall waffle on about September 2013 when myself and MrsHorney set off on an adventure to Belgium to take in the Spa Six Hours classic weekend.


Circuit de Spa Francorchamps is without a doubt one of THE best F1 and race circuits in the world, nestled in the beautiful scenery of the Ardennes Forest. Back in the 1920’s it was a circuit made of road sections and much longer, at 15kms, than it’s current layout. Corner names like Eau Rouge, Stavelot and Blanchemont are etched in the minds of anyone with an interest in F1 or european endurance racing. The Six Hours a weekend of classic cars racing hard on this circuit in several races with the big one being the Six hour race itself on the Saturday night.

Base camp erected.

Packing an MX5 for 4 nights camping for two is a challenge, especially when my camera bag pretty much filled the boot on it’s own. Luckily a boot rack and MrsHorney’s epic Tetris skills meant we arrived in Belgium with all the kit we needed. The journey was pretty uneventful. Once over the channel and into mainland Europe we hammered across France enjoying the smooth motorways and excellent service station facilities. Once into Belgium the quality of the road surface dropped significantly but despite the ride height and weight of all our kit it was still reasonably comfortable. The final stretch into Stavelot Town through the forest was the best part of the journey. Smooth tarmac, beautiful scenery and not a speed camera in sight.

Cobbles and lowered MX5. Bouncy is probably the best word.

I could now go on about all the brilliant racing that took place that weekend and who won what but frankly who wants to read that? Exactly. Besides a picture says a thousand words apparently.

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The Six Hour Race brings an extra dimension to classic car racing. Goodwill Revival might have the best venue of any classic weekend but Spa has classic cars racing through Eau Rouge in the dark. You just can’t beat that. The sound of GT40s and D-Type Jags hammering through the forest at night is really quite something else. The race starts at 4pm in the dwindling autumn sunlight and finishes at 10pm in the pitch dark, broken only by the headlights and exhaust flames of the competitors.

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We can highly recommend making the trip over for this one. Costs wise it’s very reasonable as the whole weekend entry ticket is only approx £30 each and this gets you access to pretty much everything from Friday through to Sunday. We booked out trip through Travel Destinations who provided an excellent service and brilliant package.

If you want to view all my photos then have a look HERE.


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