Let’s talk about the car.

Back in 2011 the plans were simple. Drive the MX5, clean the MX5, work on the Golf track car, drive the MX5, clean the MX5 and repeat. As is the way modification was always going to occur, but the Golf was my main focus. The MX5 just needed making my own with some little touches.

Mmmmmm Rays.

So what did I have to work with? The spec:

  • 1600cc 115bhp Eunos Roadster import in Neo Green
  • V-Special with the (love it of hate it) tan and wooden interior
  • 4.3 Viscous Differential
  • Kong top adjustable dampers with standard springs
  • Lightweight Rays Engineering alloys
  • Larini Cat back exhaust with a decat
  • Jackson Racing RamAir Induction kit

A pretty good spec for a b road bashing roadster and I was very happy with the condition and the history of the car. It handled well and put a big grin on my face. I’d wanted a V-spec one as to me they really evoked the idea of the old British Sportscar. The British Racing Green paint, the wooden wheel, the pop up lights. Just perfect.

Well nearly perfect. Time for those touches to make it mine. Anyone who has owned a lipless MX5 will tell you they need one. It helps with stability at speed and stops the front looking like it’s scared of the ground. So a genuine Garage Vary lip was sourced and duly applied.

Garage Vary Lip
Because everyone knows stickers add extra (Mazda)speed.

To bring some balance to five I felt it needed a rear spoiler. There’s a huge selection of OE and aftermarket spoilers for the MX5 but I knew I wanted something that looked retro and fitted in with my love of cars inspired by the track. A KG Works ducktail was the only way to go having spotted them on a few cars while trawling the net. One was sourced, painted black and fitted with stainless fixings for that bolt on look.

Quack, Quack.
Quack, Quack.

And there we are. A few tweaks and it feels like mine, not someone else. The car is finished.

Well that’s what I thought at the time.


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