First post, where it all began.

So let’s go right back to the beginning.

Summer 2011 and I was in the progress of rebuilding my MK2 VW Golf GTI track car into something more suitable for sprinting and hillclimbing. I felt it was time after years of track days to get into doing some actual competition. It was a great car and I was in the progress of fitting a cage and glass fibre roof panel along with a complete respray.

The Golf
The Golf

I was running a Polo 1.4 TDI as a daily and with the Golf off the road I had an itch for something more fun for my 25 mile each way commute to work. I’d toyed with the idea of an MX5 for a while, my mum had had one in the past and I really liked it. Casually browsing the MX5Nutz forum classifieds I found one locally that seemed worth a look. A 1991 JDM import V-spec that already had Koni dampers and some lightweight Rays Engineering wheels. I took a friend along to view it and a deal was done.


The car was everything I hoped it would be, fun, frugal, engaging to drive and looked brilliant. I could now enjoy my drive to work rain or shine, the Golf project was moving along and times were good. I started a thread on the MX5nutz forum to document my adventures and committed to print the words “No real future plans other than a detail to really bring the paint back to life. Well OK maybe some plans.” As you will read over the coming posts, this was a rather foolish statement.


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